by ’Susan Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, Samudra Kajal Saikia’

Best Animated Film, Best Sci-Fi Film

This is the story of a plush Inanimate toy named ALAN, who craves for its soul to be teleported, and quantum entangled with that of its human partner, so that they may be together in an inanimate-human partnership for eternity.


by Wenting Leung

Best Documentary (Short)

I grew up in a family of divorces and reunions,
The trivialities in my family exacerbated the existing conflicts between my mother and
stepfather, which eventually led to their divorce.
After that, my mom and I are both trying to move on



by Giulio Meliani

Best Actor

A single father and his ill son defies the unstoppable power of time through their relationship and love for each other as they build a spaceship together.


by xiao en qin

Best Director

An old man was waiting for the wind in a wasteland like the sea. He tried to fly the kite again and again, and finally flew to the sky against the wind.


The Roots of You

by Jes Gislason

Best Actress

The relationship of two sisters, Rose and Elsa, is strained even more after Rose is found guilty of murdering their parents, even if she has no recollection of doing so. For the last time, a troubled Elsa pays her a visit in the prison only to find herself and meet the consequences of her actions.

GBG Crane Memory

by jonas myrstrand

Best VR+360° Film

A 8 min VR-film about the Gothenburg Shipyard history dramatized in 3D. The crane operator Kerstin take us down memory lane at Lindholmen’s shipyard shadows, when we slip and her whole life passes before our eyes.
Based on a true story, from Gothenburg’s shipyard era, when everything fell into place…



by Corey Davis

Best Student Film

Darnell, a timid young man, questions his tumultuous relationship with his abusive girlfriend of three years after coming home one night from a group of friends. He must fight his way to freedom and escape his vociferous lover before his whole world crumbles.


by Ronald Kabicek

Best Music Video

The song “Kuwonererwa” tells the story of a relationship in shambles. Although the two have very different understanding of the state of their relationship, and literally going separate ways, there still might be some signs of hope.
Music video for world music collective Monoswezi.



by Zyna & Ola Røyseland

Best Experimental Film

An experimental short film that examine both sides of a harrowing experience.

Flesh & Ivory

by Izac Brodrick

Best Cinematographer

After a relationship ending argument with his girlfriend,
Will Benjamin, a High school student, reveals to his
mother that he’s been studying his estranged father’s
successful self-help book. His mother protests at Will’s
admiration for his father, but Will remains adamant in
his dissatisfaction with his mother’s and his own life

Later that night, Will dreams of his father, who presents Will with an image of a woman that he claims he has derived from Will’s subconscious understanding of perfection. Will’s father also advises him to attend the ‘Human Beauty’ art exhibition he’s
funding. The next day, Will skips school to attend the
exhibition, believing it will teach him more about this
ideal woman…




by Dylan Grey Martin

Best First Time Filmmaker

A man that runs a gas station in the deserts of Arizona is willing to do anything to win over the love of his most loyal customer, including murder.

Under a Bad Moon

by Stephen Franklin Blanton

Best Thriller

A former sheriff deputy moves to the country after a breakdown following her partner’s murder. The perpetrator is still at large when she awakens to the sound of a gunshot and distressing voices. She seeks out the source and finds a dead body, and three young men and a woman. She’s forced to deal with her trauma so she can handle the situation at hand.


Seth and Tia

by Steve Hasse

Best First Time Filmmaker

Two patients, Seth and Tia develop a friendship during their stay in a mental institution. They decide to make a plan to break out, but they can’t do it alone,so they ally with an enemy patient named Gnarly Daren who helps them. Seth then betrays Daren by locking him in a cell so he can’t leave with them. During Seth and Tia’s life of anarchy on the run, Daren escapes from the institution, is out for their blood, and will stop at nothing to get revenge.


by Scott Major

Best International Feature Film

When policewoman Samantha Romans fails to intervene in a school shooting where her own son dies, she draws public condemnation and the attention of ambitious journalist, Jamie Connard.

Desperate to regain the career she put on hold to have children, Jamie harasses Romans relentlessly, determined to secure an exclusive interview. When Romans refuses to talk, Jamie tries the stick instead of the carrot, goading Romans until she can take no more.

With nothing left to lose, Romans embarks on a campaign of terror, kidnapping Jamie’s husband and children and burying them alive in order to force Jamie to walk a mile in her shoes.

In twist upon twist and as the clock rapidly ticks down, Jamie is forced to confront the limits of her own courage as she tries to protect her family from the fury she’s unleashed.


I love them, I love them all.

by Gaultier BARRA

Best Horror

Every winter, the Rivas usually gather in their family cottage in Haute Savoie, not far from Samoëns. In this charming chalet, which is also far from other houses in the town, Paul Rivas, in his twenties, prefers to isolate himself. Solitary in nature, the boy still bears the marks of his many stays in the psychiatric hospital that have gradually removed him from all his friends and his own family. Only his sister, Clementine, is still close to him: it is his only confidante and his only friend, Paul loves him more than anything.
While the winter holidays are quiet for the village, they are quickly disturbed by mysterious disappearances. In charge of conducting the research, the policeman David Angloma is then confronted with Paul. From this strange meeting, Agent Angloma is preparing to live a troubling experience. In the blind desire to solve the inquiry, he must plunge into the dark and troubled mind of young Paul for whom “love” and “obsession” are one.

The Eclipse: Recognized by the Sound

by Elly Yae Li Cho

Best International Short Film

This film is a silent piece. In this film, the memories Cho has of growing up during childhood become fragments of imagery that compose the development of the story. Cho grew up traveling back and forth between the urban space of Seoul and the natural environment of Jeju Island. Her memories and feelings behind these experiences are depicted by traversing over the temporal boundaries of the present and past, as well as the line between reality and illusion.

Cho’s younger brother was hospitalized because of pneumonia and died suddenly and unexpectedly because of a medical accident on the day of the Eclipse in 1999. She was in London at the time. Cho tells the story of her childhood in the format of video art with fragments of her memories turned into the scenes that compose the movie. The memory of the incident where her dog was kidnapped by a dog meat dealer, was a traumatic experience for her and it is mixed up with the death of her brother in her memory, who was the same age as the dog.

In this video, sounds and music become pivotal points around the various conflicts the girl experiences. Audiences participate in and sympathize with the major and minor conflicts the girl experiences through the medium of various types of music and sounds found in nature. This film has been shot in Seoul, London and Jeju Island, Korea.



by Xiaolan Xu

Best Documentary (Feature Length)

A group of girls in Jinshan District, an outer suburb of Shanghai City, started playing football under the guidance of a senior coach when they were in Grade 1. As children of migrant workers, they come from poor families.Their families have their own difficulties.
As they are now about to graduate from primary school, they will attend their last league match: Shanghai Decathlon Championship.
They will face an old enemy:Pu Tuo football team.Jia Ding football team is also hot on its heels.
They will meet a fierce challenge, and are about to usher in a new stage of life.


by Ben Crompton

Best Dance Film

Parade is about It is about coming out of grubby isolation and transforming into a new, colourful being in amazing new identities in response to a massive enforced hibernation.

It brings us together for something new, something about now, and with hope that as we wear our inside transformation on the outside, we become ever more accepting and empathic to each other and the rest of humanity.

It features costume designs of the amazing Nasir Mazhar (he creates for Lady Gaga and FKA Twigs), who was inspired to use all the colours of the LGBTQ+ flag, so this is a film about coming out to a new life in more ways than one.