MAY 10 - MAY 13, 2024

Hej! Welcome to Bergman's country.

We have it all, serene countryside, strangers meeting on a train to self-rediscovery, strawberries that grow wild in the ever-expanding fields. Sweden and Swedish film makers have made their mark on world cinema from the Sjöstrom’s silent era to politically charged 60’s when Mai Zetterling’s THE WAR GAME got a BAFTA nomination and a silver lion.

Hej! Welcome to Bergman's country.

About Us

We at SWEDISH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, are excited to announce that we are here to reintroduce Sweden as the go to destination for celebration of European and world cinema. We would like you to join us, as we embark on this journey filled with ambition and nostalgia. We currently host monthly online screenings and a single physical event (once a year). This is our invitation to you to engage and connect with us. Join us in this train filled with strangers with nothing in common but the will to create art and cinema to a faraway land, where WILD STRAWBERRIES grow.

About Us


We are Sweden based Monthly Film Festival.

Both. We have monthly online screening showcasing monthly winners as well as an annual live event in Sweden.

We are a monthly film festival. We organize online events every month.

There are various options you can directly mail us at You can just simply text us through any of our social media platforms. We are always available. 

We post our discount codes on social media,  Or you can use our code “SIFF30” to get 30% off on your submission.

Yes, it is. But then it’s regular discount. 

We are abiding by all the rules and regulations by the government.