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Interview | Fallen: The Search of A Broken Angel

Movie Name – Fallen: The Search of A Broken Angel

Director – Alex Kruz

Hello Alex! Welcome to SIFF.


1.What was your initial thought when you made the movie?

Originally this was a whole other movie where there was no romance or love interest. It was made without any real goal at the end other than making it. We all have experiences outside of our daily routine we can classify as extrasensory – be they dreams, premonitions, communication with loved ones who have passed on, near death experiences. These are all very normal and accepted experiences now, but before these were seen by the scientific establishment as craziness. In order to know thy self, one often has to go past the known and accepted and into the unknown. My initial thought with this film was as an exploration of that unknown through the Sam character leading him to find a guru in Arizona and finding out what his connection to those deities was, which we were doing while filming the movie. It still retains a bit of that hero’s journey flare, let’s get it done, and cross that bridge when we get to it feeling. Never did I think it would become what it became or be accepted by festivals, or accepted for distribution.


2.What motivated you to create this movie?

This movie is this movie because I asked Ewa to help me with the film, and our personal experiences fed into what we had shot already naturally, well that and the original idea included a guru in Sedona, who we later found out wanted to use the project as a springboard for his own aggrandizement, and to expand his donations and power base. As Charlie Chaplin once said “You need Power, only when you want to do something Harmful, Otherwise Love is Enough to get everything done”, so I killed that project and that film and we made this one which I really love as it has parts of both of us. I hadn’t touched anything in the cinema for 6 years and I felt comfortable with Ewa helping me as we have a unique connection. As we worked, I could see our quantum entanglement at play as she never worked on a film before but I noticed it was a very different experience like a telepathic communion where she automatically knew what to do and how to do it. We didn’t really speak as we worked, it sometimes caught people by surprise that we never made a film together before. This is where we noticed our story was more interesting than the original one.  I also roped in Alex Lora Cercos, whom I have known for about 11 years, and we have worked on a few projects together similar to this one (no budget 🙂 Al was finishing up his first international feature “Unicorns”, which premiered in theaters internationally mid 2023 and his recent short “The Masterpiece” which won the Grand Jury Award at Sundance 2024, so he wasn’t able to jump on a plane with me to Arizona, but he was super helpful with equipment recommendations, a few caveats given my run and gun style, and genuinely being a godfather for the project. We joke that we give each other associate producer credit and special thanks on all of our projects. He really is a one of a kind in this industry. 

3.Did you encounter any creative challenges while making this movie?

I  wouldn’t call them creative challenges, I would call them creative opportunities – as I didn’t have any one in my network available to help me with post production it became a matter of teaching an old dog new tricks. Trial and error in a hurry – editing, sound, music, color, special effects, and so on. Being a scientist and engineer in different fields for about 30 years I always dreamed of when I could see art, science, technology, and spirituality come together, and here it was happening in front of me. Ev had a similar journey, “but she’s a special education teacher for children” (like me : ) and artist by profession so she had an easier launch into cinematography, graphic design, and dealing with the actors. There were many as Bob Ross calls them “Happy Little Accidents”.

4.What attracts you to the cinema?

Cinema is another world, like here on earth is another world, but what is real is all around us but we often don’t see it. We are constantly creating the world around us along with different timelines. Many have crossed these boundaries and remark how closely the experience of cinema is to watching the physical world from the spiritual one.


5.Give us two of your favorite movies that you are never tired of watching.

Looking at my IMDb list of favorite movies I see a paradoxical pattern. Truth is often found in paradox. You have the honorable lone warrior on a mission (Le Samourai, Apocalypse Now, Leon the Professional, Man on Fire) and you have that search for connection (Shawshank Redemption, Talk to Her, Before Night Falls, Star Wars). For my two I choose “Talk to Her” (Habla con Ella) 2002 by Pedro Almodóvar (Spain) and “The Samurai” (Le Samurai 1967) by Jean-Pierre Melville (France). Classics never go out of style!


6.Who is your target audience for this movie?

I would like to say “anyone”, because of the quirky situations which are inspired by our strange lives, but there is value in the uniqueness of the story which is specifically about twin flames or quantum entangled souls who have had various incarnations together and these are situations often not portrayed in movies and seen as Sci-Fi, or fantasy. When two people can remember many of those lives in detail and can draw and write them independently of each other you have to ask yourself is that really sci-fi or is it reality?  Imagine a relationship which can be your most intense pleasure, your most intense happiness, passion, sex, and connection, but also your most intense pain, misery, suffering, and ultimately learning. In challenge there is growth. I believe our tagline was “the impossible love”.


7.What message do you want to send to people who are watching this movie?

We are all connected. As much as you want to be a rock, an island, a single solitary warrior in this cruel world, you cannot. We are all strands of light stretched thinly across different dimensions reflecting across from one another. There is more to life than what meets the eye. There is so much around you, you are not aware of. Put on a pair of night vision goggles if you don’t believe me. All points in distance and time are one. Like the many faces of a diamond – we are several places at once and nowhere at all. Really what is real?


8.Do you wish more stories like these be told?

Panem et circenses (bread and circuses). The masses are distracted easily with those. Truth is a relative thing, but if you keep people distracted with the physical, they won’t pay too much attention to what exists outside of that. To each their own.


9.What do you think separates the two characters, Sam and Kristina?

Everything. They are complete opposites. The duality present in all things in 3D. Yin and Yang. Shiva and Shakti. Osiris and Isis. Zeus and Hera. The existence of one means the existence of its polar opposite somewhere else. Are things really lonely and isolated or do they exist in one another all along? : )


10.What do you think makes Sam and Kristina connect?

The same thing that separates them brings them together. Opposites attract. I will give you a visual example without getting into wave particle theory, protons and electrons, or any of my postdoctoral experiments. Look at these polaroids of myself and Ewa. We are direct inverses in our aura. If you look at the white areas, you’ll notice Ewa’s power is in her top three chakras or the crown, the third eye, and the throat. You’ll notice my power is in the root, the navel, and the solar plexus. What is the point between these three chakras? The heart. You have your answer now : )

11.What are your future plans? Is there anything going on that you would like to share with us?

The future is now. Myself and Ewa have changed roles, and I am the producer and she is the director on the pilot of a series called “The Multidimensionals”, working title “Vimana”,  which I’ve pretty much completed doing everything on but had to stop as I had to take care of a few minor edits for “Fallen: The Search of a Broken Angel” for global distribution submissions. The series follows a US government program titled Star Envoy which recruits different types of alien human hybrids and starseeds to act as ambassadors to further the US and partner nation’s (Artemis Accords) galactic agendas. I play Dr. Ulrin, a government scientist, who is a Zenate starseed (Titawin System – Planet Zenae, but often mistaken for an Ohorai Arcturian – it’s the blue field and Jedi vibe) tasked with finding and recruiting hybrids and starseeds from the races the governments of Earth are rumored to work with – the Etherians (Maaru star system – Planet Etheria) or the “Tall Whites”, the Anakh (Arcturus, Ohora system – Planet Tarashim) a collective of races known by the Sumerians as the Anunaki, the Urmah (Sirius A, Ashkera System – Planet Shayat-Akura) – or the cat people, known by the Chinese as Huang-di or the “Yellow Emperor”, and many others. Also I originally planned Fallen as a trilogy in terms of Yin, Yang, and the third part which is the balance of both. It’s written but we have to get to filming : ) Also as associate producers on Alex Lora’s “The Masterpiece” which won the Sundance Grand Jury award 2024, we will be representing the film and doing Q&A at the 48th Oscar Qualifying Cleveland International Film Festival this April 2024, and helping with the Oscar campaign. We’re hoping this is our fourth project to make it to the Oscars shortlist or nominated. The main thing is the journey, not the destination : )

12.Hope you liked working with us. How was your experience with SIFF?

We loved it. We were most honored to be selected and to win Best Romance film in the country of Ingmar Bergman and his classic “The Seventh Seal”. I used to borrow that film from the library pretty often as the little fat friendless geek I was as a kid. I enjoyed the premise and the dreamscapes. Thank you again for having us and for this opportunity. It is better to do important things than to be “important” people. We wish you much continued success with your festival!

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