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Interview | The Choice

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  • December 03 2023
  • 5 min read

Movie Name – The Choice

Director Name – Nathan E. Waire



Hello Nathan! Welcome to SIFF!


1.”The Choice” is quite a thoughtful movie. What made you pick up a storyline like this?

I am actually a Metaphysical Christian but I noticed that others who believe in traditional western concepts of Christianity have rigid beliefs of what the forces of “Good” and “Bad” are and how they work. So, I decided to play on those concepts and twist the narrative. What if instead of waging an all out war with evil vs good; there was a compromise… Choose one innocuous soul and place a wager to see which side he (or she) would choose if offered glorious rewards from both sides.


2.Can a simple man decide whether to go to hell or heaven? Isn’t the decision obvious as he would prefer living in heaven?

This question may be a cultural breakdown. Both sides are offering the main protagonist things that he wants. There are people who would choose Earthly pleasures over having to be a good and somewhat passive follower in Heaven. That’s why doctrine refers to the dark side of energy as temptation. It’s the easy route and if you are a person who prefers debauchery being someplace that that behavior isn’t allowed would be more tortuous than being given a high status in a place where that behavior is allowed. 


3.You are an actor too. How did you write this screenplay from a director’s perspective or an actor’s perspective?

Sure I have acted in the past and that has influenced me, but I have directed as well so both experiences affected my ability to write screenplays.


4.What is your take? If you were the protagonist of this screenplay, would you have chosen hell over heaven?

Although I have taken leadership positions before, I do believe that I would rather be a follower in Heaven than a “Big Dog” in Hell. I, actually, believe as a Metaphysician that Earth is just a school where our souls learn to become more developed and become more “Christ-like” so there really is no end just a continuing cycle until we develop and get things “right”. That said, exploring the Western limitations of the script, what you do unto others affects your own energy. I, personally, would feel bad/guilty if my pleasure negatively affected another soul but if given enough power and prestige someone else if offered the chance may choose differently. 


5.Better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven! Do you agree with this quote?

I kinda answered this in the previous question but that’s what the script is about… Would you want to serve and be a follower (or “lamb”) or do you choose the immediate gratification of power? People who do not believe or care about the ramifications of their actions in the long-term may agree completely with this statement.


6.Are you religious? Do you think we are the makers of our destiny and make our own choices?

I think there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between being religious and being spiritual! There are many people who are religious whose ethics outside the church can (and should) be questioned while there are people who never step foot in church or temple, etc who are without a doubt more humane, tolerant and compassionate to others than those who follow religious beliefs. So, I consider myself more spiritual than regious and if there is any judgment involved with our souls at the end of Earthly life I’ll let my Creator judge me by my actions and intent rather than by the often misconstrued interpretations of humankind when dealing with The Divine.


7.Even if a choice was made, would the choice be accepted by the higher powers? What does this screenplay hint at? Does the soul perish in hell or find peace in heaven? Your take on this.

The script is just a parody that was created to invoke conversation. Higher Powers have a plan whether we like it or not. Greater lessons and experiences are to be learned and had to promote growth not only of ourselves but humanity as a whole. We literally make a choice everyday of what kind of energy we will put forth in the Universe and how we will react to the experiences, problems, and interactions we have to face.


8.Do you think this screenplay will be well-received by the viewers considering many are atheists and have little regard for such philosophies?

There was a series of comedy movies in the early 80s that had George Burns as the star. They were called, “Oh God, You Devil”!!! This was before sequels were common and they had great commercial success… I think an updated dramedy would find a lot of success with so many people of various backgrounds needing to laugh and discuss even briefly their theological and spiritual standpoint. 


9.Make heaven out of hell! Do you believe in this theory?

Some of us (myself included) have lived in and are living in hellish conditions. The only thing that kept me going was holding onto a belief that things were changing with every step that I took to improve my life on all levels mentally, physically, and spiritually. Having a little bit of faith and hope in the Universal concept of change helped me find solace in some terrible circumstances but that is for a different interview. Just know that the mind can turn any situation into an enjoyable one. Just be careful which energies you align yourself with to make that situation bearable!


Lastly, thank you for working with us! Hopefully, you enjoyed the experience. Looking forward to working with you again in the future!!!


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