MAY 10 - MAY 13, 2024

Category: Interviews

Interview | Life Without

Movie name: Life Without Director: Jonny Wilson   Hello, Jonny! Welcome to the SIFF!   1. The film explores a woman and her vengeance. As a male director, what’s your…

  • 10 min read
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Interview | Let Her Sing

Movie: Let Her Sing Director: Siamak Dehghanpour     Hello Siamak, welcome to The SIFF!   1.Tell us how you started your journey in the films? I studied theater and…

  • 11 min read
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Interview | Brothers in Arms

Movie name: Brothers in Arms Director: Ibrahim Nada, Jordan Charles     Hello Jordan, hello Ibrahim! Welcome to the SIFF!   1.“Brothers In Arms” explores the complex and diverse world…

  • 14 min read
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Interview | Better Love

Movie: Better Love Director: David Sexta   Hello David! Welcome to the SIFF! Hi, thank you for invite me to this interview & it is honor for my crew &…

  • 8 min read
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Interview | Tristan v Christann

Movie: Tristan v Christann Director: Mark Forbes   Hello Mark! Welcome to SIFF! 1.Tell us how you came up with the idea of this documentary? During the pandemic freelance artists…

  • 4 min read
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Interview | Karma

Movie Name: Karma Director: Nelson Santiago Beltran, Amanda Redwine   Hello Nelson! Welcome to the SIFF!   1.Please share how your filmmaking journey has been!  This filmmaker journey has been…

  • 10 min read
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Interview | Meet Cute

Movie: Meet Cute Director: Shawn Patrick Tilling     Hii Shawn! Welcome to the SIFF!   1.Tell us something about your journey in the film! Firstly, thanks so much for…

  • 15 min read
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Interview | Too Late

Movie: Too Late Directly: Szabó László Pál   1.Hello Szabó , welcome to The SIFF. Tell us how your journey in the films began? I had various hobbies when I…

  • 6 min read
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