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Interview | doran the mystic warrior

Movie Name – Doran the mystic warrior
Director Name – Doran Eccel



Hello Doran! Welcome to SIFF


1. What made you to come up with this story concept?

Definitely my interest in mysticism and the potential of human beings to evolve and change.


2. Do you believe in consciousness? What is your take on conscious awakening?

Absolutely. Being conscious and understanding what we are, in relation to the universe, is our true nature. Everyone’s task is to find their own path and pursue it courageously.

3. Doran is the main protagonist here. What message do you want to communicate through this main character?

Doran wants to communicate the birth of a new era, through a spiritual awakening of humanity, which is facing one of the most important crises in its history. Often from on screen fiction, and from art in general, come ideas that anticipate what will happen and solutions for dealing with the future.


4. As a writer and producer, what do you think worked for Doran’s character? Is it likable and connected to the audience?

I think people like Doran because of his originality. He is a very alternative Action Hero because he manages to combine multiple aspects giving a new kind of interpretation to the viewer.

5. Doran the actor here is a man with a good physique. How do you think he would be able to awaken people’s consciousness? That requires mental strength rather than physical strength.

Certainly the aesthetic part is just a representation of his inner strength and natural balance. It is clear that everything is centered on his spirit, his soul and his inner values, which are the strongest and subtlest weapons he uses to awaken people’s consciousness.


6. How is Doran better than ordinary people?

Doran exemplifies a path that is accessible to anyone; he wants to show an experience that inspires ordinary people to imitate him to be more whole and steadfast.


7. How do you think Doran would be able to awaken warrior consciousness amongst people and find his mystical warriors?

Being a warrior means living and expressing values that appeal to those who perceive them as similar to themselves and at the same time provide a role model to help in achieving those values.

8 Man is a slave to his mind: how true do you think this is and how can Doran help these people?

Doran shows the way not to be a slave to one’s own mind. The history of man on earth teaches us that today, as thousands of years ago, being consistent with one’s own nature is the basis for any real evolution. It is necessary to understand it and act on it.


9 Is Doran a true mystic warrior? What are the things that hold him back?

Doran is a true mystic warrior because there are no things holding him back, having freed his whole self he is free to be and express himself.


10 What is the second act?

The production of a feature film that will develop the themes addressed so far.

11 Your name and the character's name are similar. Why and how? Please elaborate on this. Are you in tune with the character?

Basically, Doran is the artistic and exponential representation of myself, the most intimate part of me that is emphasized and realized through artistic works with the myriad nuances that make me totally and absolutely in tune with the character.


Finally, have you enjoyed working with SIFF? It was a pleasure to have you here, Doran!

Yes of course, it was a very enriching experience and I hope it can be repeated in the near future.

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