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Review | 24

Movie – 24
Director – Ekaterina Chatski



24th – The day Russia attacked Ukraine and put Russians to shame


24th February is the day when Russia attacked Ukraine and the war started. This movie revolves around a couple. The protagonist of the movie is a female and she is amidst all this chaos. While she was enjoying a vacation in Costa Rica with her partner, who is also a husband, she heard this news on the radio. Being a compassionate and simple lady, she was aghast by the declaration of war and was truly ashamed of the events that followed. Unable to bear the situation, she isolated herself and decided to stay alone for a few days. She couldn’t believe her ears when she heard that Russia started the war. Being of Russian origin, she felt extremely ashamed and humiliated by the turn of events. At home, she secluded herself out of extreme shame and all her activities fell silent. She was at a standstill point at that time.

The protagonist then carries a cross of her country and probably that’s her way of redemption. She is completely lost in the maze of dishonour and pain as the Russian culture is questioned after the offset of the war. People pointing fingers at her country is something that’s unbearable and unthinkable for her. The protagonist is so dismayed and so much in sorrow, that she just couldn’t find a way out and was sulking from inside. Her grief and pain were becoming unbearable for her. However, her husband and her partner rescued her from the mental agony by encouraging her and throwing the ‘Ariadne’s thread’ which helped her out of the internal mess and chaos that was eating up her peace.

If you are not familiar with the  ‘Ariadne’s thread’, then this term holds a huge significance in Greek mythology. The ‘Ariadne’s thread’ symbolises salvation and guidance. It is like a lifeline that offers guidance that can help someone navigate from a perplexed maze. The ‘Ariadne’s thread’ also symbolises the unwavering love of Ariadne and Theseus’ hope for survival. It is a symbol of a ray of hope, that the hero will be victorious and remain safe. In short, it can be said that ‘Ariadne’s thread’ is a symbol of love, hope and the victory of presence at times of adversity.

The ‘Ariadne’s thread’ that was thrown to the protagonist also is proof of the love and the strong bond between the couple. Her husband helps her find solace and be at peace with herself. While definitely the war between Russia and Ukraine was shattering and many Russians were dismayed and caught up in a depressive phase, the love of this husband towards his wife just cannot be missed. She was aghast and isolated herself from the entire world. Steeped in grief she did not continue with any of her activities which again put her in a weak spot. Her life was just motionless for something that she wasn’t responsible for and she blamed herself and was ashamed, only because of her Russian origin. Her husband was not only thoughtful but a strong gentleman who single-handedly helped his wife come out of this depressive vegetative state.

This movie definitely portrays the humane element that’s there in all of us. The couple was enjoying their vacation, but sudden news that actually did not directly affect them put their life in a depressive state. While the war was still on, this movie actually shows how many Russians were against warring with Ukraine and would have preferred to live a happy and peaceful life. Many Russians felt that this war actually made people believe Russian culture to be ruthless and cruel, and many were put to shame because of this act. Peace is what all desire and world peace is something that every heart wants – whether it’s a Russian Heart or a Ukrainian one.

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