OCTOBER 10 - OCTOBER 13, 2022

Interview | Dragons Gate

Movie: Dragon’s Gate

Director: Anaya Music Kunst

Anaya Kunst (Anaya Music) is a New Age Music composer and MultiAwardWinning Recording Artist, ‪ (MSc, PhD, PostDoctor) ‬Filmmaker, Producer and Author. Anaya is passionate about elevating the human spirit through the power of music and visuals and the universal Vibration of Love and Peace.

‪She is a GRAMMY® ,ASCAP and LIT Talent Awards voting member.‬


Hello Anaya! Welcome to The SIFF !

Would you share with us what inspired you to craft such a beautiful tale?

– My dreams and intuition gives me the direction where to go and what to create.


Why did you pick dragons out of all the mystical creatures?

-Dragons and mainly the golden and white dragons are fantastic beings of fortune and wisdom .

I am a big fan of Game of Thrones. Also I like this transcendence of the animal side to a human and lovable side. The dragon’s energy is similar to kundalini and brings vital force to human beings.

And I believe that working on fantasy and mythology we can get more deep inside to transform archetypes.


What does evolution mean to you?

-Evolution of mankind as humans is the Ascension to elevate the body vibrations : physical, emotional, spiritual and the evolution of senses and perception of the universe in movement.


The animation looks magical. How long did it take for you to give shape to your vision?

-Between one to three months.

Usually I see images of the story and the musical notes. Then the script starts coming too.

And I believe that working on fantasy and mythology we can get more deep inside to transform archetypes.



Fairytales are known to shape our lives. Which tales do you like the most?

-The wolf, Cinderela’s, Peter Pan, and also Merlin, Superman , Wonder Woman.


As a director, what is your goal? What kind of stories do you wish to tell?

-Fantasy is the most real aspect of the inner feelings of a person. The creativity and imagination work together to build other realities that translate an inner feeling that would be possible in what people call reality.

We dive into mythologies, the archetypes appear and we work from that on to enhance humankind.

The story of mythologies and archetypes are  present in all civilizations. What is real or not depends on the angle you are looking and from which dimension you are approaching.

As a Director I would like  to have sounds , music, images in an integration of the senses of Perception of the universe in movement and that is impermanent and vibrates.


Dragon’s Gate has a beautiful story of transformation in it. What does transformation symbolize in your narratives?

-We need to overcome hardship and go into other galaxy gates to choose the Path of evolution. But for me still remains the meaning of Existence by itself. I still have questions that are understandable only by the eyes of perception and feelings, not by the mind or intellect.

Transformation through the vibration of Music gives the harmony for the emotional movement of the movie and brings the audience the inner encounter of the Self.


If you are given an opportunity to experiment with one of the fairytales, which one would you pick, and why?

-Birth and to compare with the birth of civilization and of Earth evolution with humankind.


Anaya, it was nice talking to you! It would be great if you could share what you are planning next!

-The plans are to create according to the inspiration that comes to me and to the moment we are living.

I believe we can help humankind with the messages that are inside the music, the story and the images.

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