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Review | Inspired

Movie name: Inspired
Director names: Nebal Shafi


Inspired: A Thriller You Cannot Miss!

This movie by the director, Nebal Shafi, is a masterpiece. However, it is definitely not for the faint-hearted. You need to be strong and love thriller movies to be able to sit and watch this masterpiece. The movie revolves around two artists. One of the artists is successful and is the source of inspiration for her. However, what meets the eye is far from the truth. In this movie, the inspiration turns out to be a nightmare, which is a shocker. As the saying goes, ‘all that glitters isn’t gold’, the same holds true for this movie. The life of a successful painter is not all rosy, and in fact, dark elements are unbearable when the truth comes out in the open.

Nebal Shafi is a fanatic director, as he comes up with thrillers that will send a chill down your spine. This thriller is sure to amaze you, and the twist and turn of fate are definitely going to be a treat for the viewer. The actors do an amazing job of making the thriller worth watching. Inspired is definitely an inspiring story, and the method of storytelling by the director is truly amazing. The psychological thriller, Inspired is a wonderful short film but not for someone who is sensitive and can’t bear to watch thrillers. However, if you are game for surprising things and love to watch stuff that is out of the box and can get you thinking, then Inspired is the best movie for you.

However, when you watch the movie, the fun fact is that almost everyone is inspired by someone or another. Jane, who is the successful painter, is inspired by serial killers, while the struggling artist Aaron is inspired by Jane, not knowing the real picture behind the picture-perfect success she flaunts. However, when Aaron comes to know the reality of Jane, things take a turn, and the character undergoes a major transformation. As Aaron is inspired by Jane, he expects everything to be perfect in her life. He has a fanboy impression of her, but reality strikes hard, and Aaron faces the real picture of Jane, who is nothing like what he had imagined and thought of.

Aaron and Jane are two sides of the same coin, and their lives get entwined together as Aaron decides to follow Jane to know the reason behind her inspiration. While Aaron himself is inspired and smitten by Jane’s glory and success, reality hits very differently. Although the story does resonate with what the director Nebal once faced, it is in no way personal or related. The director pays homage to certain characters who have profoundly influenced his life, and in this movie, he explores the complexities of human psychology and the personalities of the characters. The thriller is definitely a fulfilling endeavor, and the characters play a wonderful role in bringing out the raw emotions.

This short film is crafted in such a way that it will leave a lasting impact on the minds of the audience. The movie is thoughtful and unique, and the unexpected turn of events makes it a must-watch. The director is excellent at bringing out the best in his actors, and the dialogue delivery, movement of the characters, and portrayal of emotions are precise and to the point. The only downside is that it’s a short movie; the film needed to be long as it was interesting enough and would have grabbed more eyeballs provided it had a lengthy screen time. There is no doubt that Director Nebal is talented, but his thought process and technique as a filmmaker are worth all the applause and praise that is showered on him every day.

Love thrillers? Then tune into Inspired and watch the impactful movie that will surely make you think twice before being Inspired by anyone in the real world.

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