Interview | Rise of the Accenniri – Part I

Movie : Rise of the Accenniri – Part I
Director : Charli Brown
Can you tell us how you came up with the story? Is there an interesting story related to it that you would like to share? 
The inspiration came from conversations with my son, Troy. Troy’s passion and enthusiasm about Cesare Borgia was intriguing and I started to research Cesare Borgia. I tried to imagine what turmoil people go through when the threat of war and destruction is near.

The storyline is based on the Second Italian War. The inspiration of the character Àita was inspired by Maria Grazia Cucinotta’s eyes.

Please tell us something about the title of the movie.
I thought an origin story of how a little girl rises to The Accenniri (Shadow Boss) would be a perfect title.
How did you conceptualize the entire story? The way you wanted it to be told and certain representations that you desired to make more or less prominent. 
The Accenniri character was created first. After I wrote the first season of the “Ombré Ma Fí”, I wrote the feature script ‘Rise of The Accenniri – Part I. I am currently writing the three additional movies that will complete the supernatural quadrilogy.
The entire story will include “Rise of The Accenniri – Part II”, “Obumbratio Reunire” (Reunite in Shadows), and “the Origin of The Ombré Ma Fí”.
Tell us something about the plethora of themes that are there in the story. 
The premise of power seems to drive everyone. The desire to be famous for eternity is craved. I think the need for / lack of respect is what causes a lot of our conflicts and wars.
How do you visualize the premise of the story? 
I think it will be interesting to see the audience’s determination. Is The Accenniri good because she is battling someone who is more evil than her – OR – will she be seen as evil because of what she does to stay in power.
Were you directly or indirectly influenced by certain stories and movies before and while writing the script?
I think there is a fascination of Underground and Secret Societies. I was never into the “mafia” genre or anything to do with what happens “behind the hidden doors”.  It does exist and that is a scary revelation to me.
Why do you think the pen is and will always be mightier than the sword? 
Always has and will be.
What are your most favorite stories of all time ? Stories and authors who have a special place in your heart. Something that you would suggest everyone to read. 
Growing up as an Air Force Military Brat, there is a “severe limitation” on what you are exposed to and your life is lived in a surreal existence. I loved it. My father retired and I grew up. The world looked a lot different. A complete contrast from the world of Military Muscle who fight for world domination versus the Syndicates who fight for territories on the civilian streets.
Recently I watched a show called “Tokyo Vice”. I was blown away by the ceremonial attributes, levels of commands and the requirement of respect in the world of crime.
Talk to us about the segment where your protagonist turns into the Accenniri . What sort of transformation would you call it? How would that affect the narrative moving ahead?
The little girl Àita is born out of love. A demon uses and conditions her to aid a warmonger named Croix. Àita’s innocence is destroyed.
Once Àita is old enough, the Demon continues the recruitment. Àita transforms into The Accenniri, born out of revenge.
The story clearly suggests a potent gray zone where mankind and preternatural forces exist. You appear to have broken the age old binary of good and evil. What do you have to say about this?
I love this statement! I think there are degrees of good and evil. It is very subjective and opinion-based. Very Amoral.
Did you have any historical events in mind as you were writing the script ? Throughout the history of existence. 
The story starts in the 1400s during the Borgia era, Italian Renaissance and the Catholic Church’s reign as a domineering religion that terrorized civilizations that did not agree with them.
The story also insinuates a trepidation surrounding man. A terror of man ,a brutal force with the singular intention of destruction. Do you agree? Why or why not?
I agree. There seems to be a desire for man to self-destruct by destroying others. I fail to see how that makes us civilized.

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